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Office of the Vice President for Finance

Mark P. HaasMark P. Haas
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer 

Mark P. Haas serves as the vice president for finance and treasurer for Michigan State University.  He served as associate vice president for finance and chief financial officer and as assistant vice president for business and chief financial officer before being named vice president in December 2012. 

He provides leadership, guidance, direction, and oversight to the university's complex financial and business functions.  As treasurer, Mark is responsible for the identification of significant issues affecting the financial health of the university, and provides analysis and formulation of strategies to deal with these issues.  His responsibilities include oversight and management of six administrative units, including the functional areas of accounting, investments, debt and cash management, risk management and insurance, payroll, procurement and accounts payable, logistics, postaward research contract and grant administration, travel, receivables, loan management, and the Enterprise Business Systems project.  

With experience as the chief deputy treasurer for the State of Michigan, Haas has a broad and deep knowledge of all aspects of financial operations necessary to manage the multiple aspects of Michigan State University's finances.  As chief operating officer of the State of Michigan's $70 billion investments function, Mark has the knowledge and experience to oversee management of the university's investments.  Also, Mark serves as a member of the Michigan State University College of Law Foundation Board, the University Club Board, and as the treasurer of the Michigan History Foundation. 

Haas received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Arts in Economics from Central Michigan University.  Mark did graduate studies in economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Michigan State University.  Mark completed the postgraduate State and Local Government program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  Mark also completed The Endowment Institute at the Yale School of Management.