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Strategic Priorities and Initiatives

Provide support to a world-class university’s core missions of education, research, and outreach by protecting the integrity of its financial resources through effective stewardship and transparent reporting. The Finance units are engaged in activities to advance the university’s missions to effectively serve the students, faculty, and staff of MSU; save money; strive to improve customer communication, service and satisfaction; improve processes; refine performance metrics; and continue staff development. Finance units have worked together and across campus to develop the message that a world class university needs world class support staff and to improve the way we do things by taking calculated risks and learning from our experiences without the fear of failure.

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Provide exemplary stewardship of institutional resources to foster the long-term sustainability of MSU and its high-quality research and outreach and engagement programs.

Develop a long-term financial framework, robust tools, and processes in support of a comprehensive financial model

  • All-funds budgets
  • Robust Forecasting

Identify funding structures to support MSU 2030 strategic plan, MSU's mission and prioritized programmatic needs

  • Resource alignment to strategic priorities
  • Potential new funding streams
  • Deploy diverse revenue streams for funding programmatic needs
  • Strategic external partnerships that support our mission, align with our values, and expand our reach

Re-envision some of our financial processes

  • Requires broader analysis and campus engagement
  • Ensures university-wide effectiveness and efficiency
  • Integrate and streamline administrative systems and processes